VP of Software Engineering at Imbrex

Today, we’ve built the first real estate listings platform on the Ethereum blockchain. We’re expanding our technology offers, building decentralized real estate transaction software where every party owns their own data, and transactions become simple and delightful.

We have an entrepreneurial, cross-functional culture where we are all empowered to explore the stories of our users and find innovative solutions to solving their problems. Our product development flow is a combination of Lean Startup, scrum, and story-driven development, where we’re always focused on building the smallest thing that we can put in front of our users and get their feedback, building great products through continual iteration.

Imbrex is aiming to build a decentralized organization and a culture of personal responsibility driven by agreements. Transparency, communication and accountability are critical to our culture. Not only are we building a decentralized application, but we are also a distributed team, so making sure everyone is included and able work asynchronously, with good information and clear status on shared work is integral to everything we do. We see good process as a tool, not a constraint. We wield it to build smart. It does not control us.

We’re seeking a full-stack Javascript engineer with a passion for Ethereum and blockchain’s potential to transform the world. This position is one where you’ll have your hands deep in the code, while also leading a team of engineers to change the world.

Required skills

  • 3+ years leading a team of software engineers
  • Strong experience with a Lean Startup product development flow
  • Be an extraordinary communicator with strong interpersonal skills
  • 5+ years working with full-stack Javascript
  • 5+ years experience with systems architecture
  • Strong knowledge of react.js and React Native
  • Strong knowledge of node.js, npm, and yarn
  • Strong knowledge of PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Strong knowledge of docker and git
  • Experience with Ethereum, IPFS, Solidity, and Smart Contracts
  • Knowledge of hosting environments, AWS, Digital Ocean, etc.
  • Knowledge of Ethereum scalability and user experience solutions
  • Proven track-record of success

Bonus Points

  • Next.js
  • GraphQL
  • Web3.js
  • Open-source leadership
  • User story mapping / Lean Startup

Job Type: Full-time


  • react.js: 3 years (Required)
  • node.js: 3 years (Required)
  • solidity: 1 year (Required)