Senior Software Engineer at BlockFactory

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: 4+ years experience
Role: Blockchain Development, Cryptographic Security, Infrastructure
Location: Zürich, Switzerland

BlockFactory leads the adoption of blockchain technology worldwide. We create high impact products that will bring blockchain to the masses.

Whether we issue verifiable university titles, create digital certificates for luxury items or mint asset-backed tokens, we are working on the edge of innovation and aim to actively shape the world around us.

Join a group 40 highly ambitious technology and business experts preparing the next digital revolution!

The Proxeus Core back-end is engineered using Golang, with a powerful set of modules and a Vue.js front-end, allowing DApp programmers to create solutions covering a wide array of use cases.

An overview of the role:

As a Senior Engineer, you will join our international team who are inspired by writing clean, open source code. You will be hired by BlockFactory and assigned to the Proxeus project, additionally, you will…

What you’ll be doing:

  • Help to make the public blockchain ledger easier to share sensitive data of any kind in a secure way.
  • Evaluate, analyze and target weaknesses in cryptographic security systems and algorithms.
  • Help to implement and maintain our blockchain infrastructure
  • Educate clients and employees on blockchain developments
  • Write, test, and deploy Ethereum smart contracts and building the system design around them
  • Support the development of DApps as part of our platform

Required skills & experience:


  • 4+ years professional experience with 1 or more programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript and/or Go.
  • Practical experience in the field of Cryptography, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Solidity.
  • Implementation of Digital Signature Algorithms.


  • Knowledge of design & the application of blockchain security technologies to prevent vulnerabilities (beyond the world of fintech and cryptocurrencies)
  • Experience working with Unix/Linux platform, distributed and parallel systems
  • Enthusiastic and flexible personality who wants to learn and work on new, innovative technologies
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • You have a Swiss or EU passport (or other permit that allows you to work in Switzerland)

Your Character

  • You are able to combine a fast pace with the delivery of consistently high quality
  • You know when good is not good enough and you are ready to go the extra mile
  • You describe problems transparently and objectively and you focus on finding solutions
  • You give and accept constructive feedback
  • You have a personal vision how blockchain will reshape our world

We’re offering these benefits:

  • Be part of the blockchain revolution!
  • Fast-paced, international environment within a young and growing team
  • Transparent and honest feedback culture
  • Coaching and mentoring to help you reach your personal goals
  • Flexible work environment
  • Central office location in the heart of Zurich