Senior Data Engineer at Datawallet

Datawallet based in Berlin, Germany is looking for a Senior Data Engineer. The role is full-time and is looking for applicants with skills in Python, ETL, Amazon-Web-Services, Docker, and SQL.

Job description

The Role:

We are looking for a full-time data engineer. You will be at the core of making people’s data work for them. You will design and maintain the ETL data pipeline—from pulling and parsing data from various APIs and downloaded data stores to populating normalized RDBs and calculating cached views (usually in a NoSQL form) to power our various data products and services. While you are not constrained in your tools, our current stack involves Python, js/node, PostgreSQL, Airflow, AWS Lambda and hosting. You will be a core part of a highly skilled and motivated team located between Berlin and New York City that is changing one of the most unethical sectors in our modern economy.

What We are Looking For:

[Minimum Qualifications]

  • At least 4 years of software engineering experience (Python or Javascript), with at least 2 years experience in a data-focused role
  • Expertise in building out data pipelines, efficient ETL design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Mastery of RDBs and ability to generate normative schemas from datasets
  • Experience with NoSql dbs (such as MongoDB)
  • Passion for creating data infrastructure technologies from scratch using the right tools for the job
  • Experience building and maintaining a data warehouse in production environments
  • Ability to turn vague requirements into clear deliverables with minimal guidance

[Desirable Qualifications]

  • Experience with Apache Airflow, AWS tools, git, Linux.
  • Experience with systems for transforming large datasets such as Spark or Hadoop
  • Familiarity with Python-based data science tools (e.g., pandas) is also highly desirable.


  • Highly competitive wages
  • Top-of-the-line equipment: Laptop of choice, custom monitor setup, optional standing desk, etc.
  • Opportunities to travel to both the Berlin and New York City HQ

Life at Datawallet

About Datawallet

We’re a geographically and linguistically diverse engineering team from 5 continents, located in Berlin. We have regular stand ups and often collaboratively talk out architectural concepts on a white board, with beers from time to time. Our product spans across multiple different technologies and as a result we’re always in close communication with the different team members, whether you’re a front end developer or a data engineer. We are also working in close coordination with the business team bringing to live a platform that can be quickly adopted.


  • Above Market Salaries
  • Healthcare
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Top of the Line Equipment

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