Full Stack Developer at Motius GmbH

Motius GmbH is looking for a full-time, junior level, full stack developer. Motius is based in München, Deutschland, and their ideal candidate would have experience with ReactJS, JavaScript, Python, and NodeJS.

Job description

Being part of our core team, you act as a Tech Specialist for JavaScript technologies / frameworks. Together in diverse and interdisciplinary teams you build digital products of the future, especially with React and our own platform.

In your position, you work half of your time on our platforrm the rest of your time you e.g. develop a React Native app for managing and forecasting the production of health care products in Siemens or you work on a fullstack application for analyzing legal texts with KPMG.

Life at Motius GmbH

About Motius GmbH

Motius is a German R&D / Think Tank company.

Our vision is to realize the disruptive potential of new technologies and talents during every tech cycle. This is made possible by our unique structure. Motius is based on an interdisciplinary talent community of young elite Tech Talents (e.g. students or academic researchers) and experienced engineers from leading universities. Combined with an experienced core team, Motius develops the products of the future in areas like mobility, smart city/living, Big Data, FinTech, Digital Transformation, etc. with technologies/fields including A.I., AR, VR, 3D-Priniting, IoT Tech and Blockchain, among others. Those areas and technologies might be the current focus, but through its structure, community and tools, Motius keeps pace with technologies yet to come.

Motius is currently based in Munich, Dubai and Stuttgart.

Part of our culture are biweekly 8h hack sessions on Friday morning from 8am to 6pm, we call it ELU. During that time, Motius does not do operational work and the whole team including the founders concentrates on learning new technologies and build small prototypes. In the last sessions we’ve played around with HTC Vive (VR), SLAM technology, Microtensor, Vuforia (AR), Amazon Alexa, and a lot more. This is one part that makes the work at Motius unique and helps us a lot to become better week by week.


  • Remote Dev and Home Office possible
  • Young and motivated team (avg. company age 25.7, 45% international)
  • Cooperation with FitnessFirst (40% Discount)
  • 4h/week for personal development and learning new technologies
  • Choosing between Lenovo or Mac Hardware Setup
  • Personal development budget for meetups, conferences, courses etc.

Joel Test

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