Ethereum Blockchain Developer

As an Blockchain Developer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the performance, integrity, and security as well as developing and implementing new features for the service. You will work in conjunction with our developers to integrate new token-based feature sets into our platform. This includes, but is not limited to, developing new smart contracts, extending the capabilities of the service layer, ensuring compliance with all regulations and best practices, and delivering high-quality well-tested code that is scalable and maintainable at enterprise standards. You will also become an integral part of the development team. A strong working knowledge of cloud-based IaaS, SaaS, and DBaaS technologies is necessary and experience with development of production software released using AWS is highly recommended.

Tasks may include:

  • Roadmap feature expansion on the token service
  • QA token mechanics
  • Develop, build, and maintain Ethereum smart contracts as needed.
  • Define blockchain systems architecture and best practices.
  • Deliver high quality, well-tested code based on requirements.
  • Design efficient, scalable and maintainable code according to specifications.
  • Research, document, and implement program requirements and specifications.
  • Run and monitor performance tests on new and existing software for the purposes of correcting mistakes, isolating areas for improvement, and general debugging.
  • Collaborate effectively with other staff and teams to solve complex problems.


  • Experience with NodeJS and common packages and patterns for building reliable services
  • Experience building and maintaining a REST API
  • Experience building and automating test suites (for APIs and for Ethereum smart contracts)
  • Experience with Ethereum and generalized blockchain.
  • Experience with Solidity and related tools (truffle, geth).
  • Familiarity with ERC20 token standard.
  • Understanding of transaction scripting and smart contracts.
  • Working knowledge of cryptographic libraries, concepts, and principles.
  • Understanding of Blockchain core logic and future including data privacy, confidential transactions, side chains and pegging, sharding, lightning, and other scaling methodologies.
  • Exposure with Agile development, techniques and methodologies.
  • Experience with designing and building highly available and scalable applications in AWS or a comparable cloud-based solution.
  • Experience with AWS Products such as Data Lake, Kinesis S3 Firehouse, Cloud Storage S3, Cloud Functions, RDS MariaDB, EC2, ECS and/or Lamda required.
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Strong reporting and documentation skills an absolute must.
  • Able to prioritize and work on complex issues with minimal supervision – self-starter.
  • Proficient in both Windows and Linux.


  • JavaScript, Node.js
  • 4+ years of software development experience as part of a development team.
  • 2+ years with Cloud Platform using AWS or comparable cloud-based solutions.
  • 1+ years of professional experience working with a production blockchain service.
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin,  Ethereum highly desired