Blockchain Engineer at Brave

The Blockchain Engineer is involved with the architecture and prototyping of blockchain-based technologies for the BAT roadmap, specifically the BAT Apollo phase: the final “near-term” architecture for the BAT ecosystem.

The goal of BAT Apollo is to add transparency, decrease transaction costs, and improve decentralization. All of this while maintaining (or improving) browser privacy. The paradoxical requirement is increased transparency for advertisers and publishers to compare their gross revenue and net income.

The architecture may utilize a proof-of-authority side-chain. One of the advantages of using a proof-of-authority network is that it allows us to spread the load to trusted partners. Part of the vision is that BAT eventually operates under a non-profit consortium. (BAT purposefully refers to the “Basic” Attention Token, not the “Brave” Attention Token.)

The architecture will introduce “code points” to support multiple providers for wallets, site verification, settlements and so on.

The ideal candidate will have previously worked with distributed applications, have extensive familiarity with Ethereum and related blockchain technologies including smart contracts (especially ERC-20 tokens), side-chains, proof-of-authority consensus algorithms and state channels. They must be well versed in the current best practices surrounding smart contract development and be able to rigorously test and verify contract code.

This position reports to the Horizons Group Manager and will work in collaboration with cloud, privacy and security engineers.
Benefits Competitive salary 4 weeks (20 days) of paid vacation per year Excellent medical coverage Generous 401k plan Travel and conference budgets Commuters benefit (OnĀ­site only) Hip office in the SoMA neighborhood of SF